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Shealyn Jae Photogrpahy

Shealyn Jae Photogrpahy

"La Llorona"
Cohesion Theatre Company

"Sucher’s approach to Rachel is convivial and quite refreshing, as this particular style of character could readily be played as a stereotype. She’s earnest and raw, actively present in every moment, especially when blasting her mother out of the water, and deeply questioning her own identity through her interactions with La Llorona."
-TheatreBloom, Amanda Gunther


"The Consul, The Tramp and America's Sweetheart"
Best Medicine Rep

"The narrative asides by Pickford's spirited secretary (Emily Sucher) are appealingly cheeky."
-The Washington Post, Celia Wren

"Emily Sucher plays Miss Hollombe with exuberance, innocence and cunning."
-DC Metro Theater Arts, Mark Ludder

"Sucher brings a fizzy energy to the only non-historical personage in the play"
-DC Theatre Scene, Brett Steven Abelman


Elizabeth Kemmerer


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"Hello, My Name Is..."
The Welders

"[A] standout performer, Emily Sucher, plays a childhood friend of [Dana's]...Sucher’s performance brings a note of levity to an evening that might be unbearably somber without it." 
-Washington City Paper, Chris Klimek

" impeccable, in-the-moment, surrounding ensemble...  Hello, My Name is.. is truly full of humanity and so much vulnerability."
-DC Metro Theater Arts, David Siegel

"Schoolgirl Figure"
Cohesion Theatre Company

"[Tatiana] Ford’s Renee is foiled brilliantly... by Emily Sucher’s deliciously bubble-headed representation of Jeanine. Always a half-step behind and a bit slow on the uptake, Jeanine is another stereotype of high school girl drama which thrives well in Sucher’s capable hands. The pair play frenemies exceptionally well off one another and really drive a great deal of the show forward with their interactions."
-TheatreBloom, Amanda N. Gunther

"Emily Sucher gives a winning performance as Jeanine. Sucher brings a kind of sweet naïvete to her obsessive character.."
-DC Metro Theater Arts, Patricia Mitchell

Shealyn Jae Photography

Shealyn Jae Photography


"Twelfth Night"
Baltimore Shakespeare Factory

"With sharpened wit a straight razor could not match, Emily Sucher is indeed the wiser fool for playing Feste. Her stage presence is that of leading lady quality whilst still befitting of the character of Feste. And her vocal capacity, particularly when directly serenading audience members in her songbird voice, is beyond impressive. Toeing the line of cheeky and downright brassy, Sucher delivers Feste with a balanced sense of humor and intelligence, making the role of the fool that much more an integral part of this wildly fanciful comedy of errors."
-TheatreBloom, Amanda N. Gunther

"Clybourne Park"
Shadowland Theatre


"The cast is brilliant in its own way as each member may proudly wear a well-earned crown of laurels... It would be dishonest to review this production of Clybourne Park without directing a follow spot to Emily Sucher, as she so accurately and convincingly depicts an appropriately attractive white girl, married, pregnant and profoundly deaf. She has the pronunciation deficiencies characteristic of one who is unable to hear and imitate individual sounds or phonemes while displaying the ability to sign accurately."
-The Catskill Chronicle, J.A. Di Bello

"“Clybourne Park” is performed by seven highly skilled actors who know the true meaning of ensemble. [Each actor is] one with the moving, gripping and, at times, stunning dialogue...The rapid-fire dialogue, which oftentimes occurs simultaneously, is a challenge for any actor, and this cast pulls it off with flying colors."
-Times Herald-Record, Carol Montana